Blog With Respect Girls!

Have you noticed how just about everyone and his uncle has a blog on their website these days? Now, no doubt you’ve noticed that there are a few escorts in London who have a popular blog too. Some of these blogs are great; really interesting and I particularly like the way they ‘tell it like how it is’ ie they don’t misrepresent the escorting profession.
A few others, however, are a bit ‘out there’ in the sense that they don’t tell how the world of escorting is at all. What I mean by that is they really don’t do the girls, or the client, justice. But then, maybe the experiences of these particular escorts aren’t the same as mine? There’s no easy way to tell really. Certainly I’ve nothing nasty to write home about – quite the opposite; I love my job and genuinely look forward to meeting up with the majority of my clients.
Some of these ‘nasty’ blogs I’m referring to can be quite slanderous and not particularly flattering about clients (even though both the clients and the escort remain anonymous) but still, it must put clients on edge I would have thought and which, considering they are paying for the escort’s services (and pretty well too) they’re getting what I’d say is a pretty raw deal.
I do have a website and of course I’m one of the London escorts who write regularly for this very blog that you happen to be reading right now. But, I would never bring a client into any blog post. That’s because I feel that one of the top priorities of my job is to be discreet. And even if the client isn’t being mentioned by name there’s always a chance that they might come across the blog one day while trawling the web and recognize themselves. If it’s a flattering post, all well and good; but if it’s the opposite then, that’s disrespectful and definitely breaking what I regard as the ‘escort code.’
What I’m trying to say is that there has to be a ‘happy medium’ between an interesting blog post and the client’s respect and privacy. No client goes to an escort expecting to be written about on the web so come on girls, let’s have some decency. After all, I know a few escorts who have received unflattering reviews and boy have they been fuming about it. Fair’s fair! The internet is NOT the place to air grievances!