Is a Long Term Relationship Really Necessary?

Can you be an escort in London and continue in a committed, long-term relationship? This is a question a close friend posed to me the other night, completely out of the blue. But why now? I suspect it’s because she’s thinking of becoming an escort herself but I didn’t push her on it: I’m sure she’ll come to me for advice in her own good time.

Anyway, to answer her question – it all depends on who the long-term partner is of course. When I first started as a professional London escort I was living with a man in a rented apartment at the time. He understood my reasons for wanting to become an escort – I was bored with my 9 to 5 and craved excitement in my life. Don’t we all? The only difference is, I was prepared to act on it.

After a few nights debating the subject my partner actively encouraged me to make a go of escorting. However, things didn’t go well between us and within a few months our relationship was history. I was having such a good time in my new job and going out so often that I hardly even noticed the split (which obviously said something about our relationship at the time – I can see that now).

He met someone else, is now happily married with a kid and still living in the same area of South London where he grew up. Good luck to him I say but I can’t help feeling I had a narrow escape. Since becoming an escort I find my life is so fulfilled that I don’t actually crave a relationship any more. I’m half in love with a handful of my clients. It’s ok to say that I reckon because I’m too professional to ever act on it – and they respect the boundaries too.

So, I have the pleasure of looking forward to meeting say five or six clients I really respect and enjoy spending time with every couple of months and who are never going to pressure me into a long term relationship, ask me to do their washing or make their meals. Quite the contrary in fact, I see them so seldom that they love to treat me when we do meet up. I’ll often find a little bottle of my favourite perfume left on my dressing table or I’ll open the fridge and there’s a bottle of Crystal in there chilling and the tag tied around the neck of the bottle has my name written in italics on it. Ladies – some of my clients are very classy.

In between times I get to spend evenings with my girlfriends. And there’s no-one asking me what time I think I’ll be home at and whether I’ll be free to have dinner with his parents on the Sunday…