It’s All About Trust

There is a dilemma my clients are often faced with – and I do not really know how to sort it for them, to be honest. It concerns gifts and me. Not a dilemma that bothers me, admittedly J. But my regular clients are well aware that as a highly sought-after escort in London I am used to getting lots of monetary treats. More than I can handle sometimes (am I allowed to say that without offending anyone?).

Anyhow, their dilemma is that they want to show me they are a special client ie something above the norm – not like all the rest. So, they want to give me something different gift-wise. Well ladies, we have all had enough perfume and chocolates till it feels as if they’re coming out our ears. Jewellery – yes, I am definitely a precious stone type of gal. But, there has to be a purpose behind it ie I like gems to mean something in the sense that they should mark a special occasion.

So, when a man wants me to remember him, what should he gift me, he wonders. Well, how about – and I know this sounds unbearably soppy – a little of himself ie I love it when clients tell me something that they have never revealed to anyone else before in their life. That could include maybe a confession from childhood or even a current love/hate relationship that they can’t reveal to anyone else in their circle due to an issue with trust. They know their secret is safe with me. I particularly love it when a client just opens up and lets his emotions flow ie that he feels so safe with me that he knows it is not going anywhere and that I will respect him whatever he chances to tell me. Sometimes I have had clients break down in tears. I listen, then I console. That is a big part of our job, girls!

I am excellent at keeping confessions and revelations. I would not be a good London escort if I wasn’t. Because ladies – that is all part of the job too, in the sense that what happens or is said between me and client says between me and the client. I think that’s often something that young escorts new to this game in particular need to learn. Your clients are opening their souls to you and that needs to be respected. They have to know they can trust you. And the best escorts in London never break that trust. Ever.